Nelson Mandela’s greatest moments & achievements, reimagined as installations of light, colour & sound 

The city of Hull is the UK ‘City of Culture 2017’ and since taking this on from a handover by Londonderry in 2014, Hull has been transformed by a constant series of events, artworks, celebrations and networking with cities around the world; which in turn has drawn visitors from around the world. Hull in 3 years has achieved a ranking as the 4th best city to live in the UK having been ranked as one of the worst. Hull was the birthplace & home of William Wilberforce, the politician responsible for the abolition of Slavery in the UK 210 years ago. The city was honoured by a visit from Nelson Mandela. One of the events of the past 3 years was Hull’s ‘Freedom Festival’; The opening ceremony was ‘The Long Walk to Freedom’ Light Trail, 

a collection of new art installations by local artists, inspired by Nelson Mandela and marking the parallels between his work and the origins of the festival. Along the light trail, Mandela’s greatest moments and achievements, re-imagined as installations of light, colour and sound, were played out on the cobbles of Hull’s Old Town. 

The INDEX lighting experience is one art piece created for this festival - called ‘a walk-in-the-trees’ using phosphorous paint and UV light inspired by Mandela’s love of walking amongst trees. The artist, Debi Keable inspired by Hull’s opportunity for the future, became a mature art student, was successful in getting her art degree and graduated in just 2011; her ‘Trees’ were selected as a key piece along the light trail mentioned above. Debi invited local school children to help her create this work.

The installation will utilise the histories of Hull and Dubai in its display by housing the light experience in a fabric structure reminiscent of a Bedouin tent. Disconnected histories, connected through modern day artwork.

The Artist Debi Keable will be with her creation all through INDEX to talk with and answer any questions that visitors might have.

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